I animated a fully hand-drawn short silent film combining two of my favorite things, comic book art and horror films. 

Instead of using Adobe animate, I used Adobe Photoshop with an extension called "AnimDessin2" for all the frame by frame animation.
Additional elements were done in Adobe Illustrator and the final compositing and grading were done in After Effects.

Surprisingly, it ended up garnering some attention online, getting over 69,000 views and hundreds of comments on Reddit, YouTube and Facebook. The cherry on top was that I ended up getting hired for some freelance work as a result.

So here it is, enjoy!
Final Film
The Process
After the initial basic storyboard, I started adding more details and blocking out my scenes, in order to decide where to place the "actors" and the "camera"
Next I drew and colored all the different scenes, while keeping foreground, midground and background layers separate for maximum flexibility later on while animating
Next came the character design and animation. I modelled the main character after myself.
As for the monster, I went with a slender creature that hides a much bigger parasite within it. 
The parasite's head is a homage to the Demogorgon from Netflix's Stranger Things.
This was my first attempt at dealing with the concept of 'smears and multiples' in animation, which are basically hand drawn motion blurs. Fun!
Then I made some additional animations and onomatopoeia before moving on to After Effects for compositing and editing the final sequence
In After Effects I edited the scenes, animated parallaxes and added zooms for dramatic effect. I then color graded and added noise and other textures to achieve that 70s-80s grindhouse film look.

Et voilà! My little horror project is done.
Concept, Illustration, Animation, Motion Design: Salam Homoud
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